Alert: Phishing Attempt Notification

Dear Valued Customer:

Today we learned that unauthorized phishing emails were delivered to our mailing list. The messages displayed subject lines warning of “legal action” or indicated a “problem with a past order”. The emails requested customer credit card information.

We want you to know these emails are not legitimate. Sole Society would never ask you to share payment information or passwords via email.

We deeply regret any anxiety or concern the incident has caused.

 We are investigating the matter but at this time we have no reason to believe that any customer payment data was downloaded or taken by the malicious actors that sent these phishing emails, which were an attempt to obtain such information.



 If you received such an email but did not open it: Do not open the email, click any of its links or reply to it. Delete it from your mailbox.

 If you opened the email but did not click its links: Delete the email now. Do not click any of its links or reply to it.

 If you clicked links in the email and entered your personal information: Contact your credit card provider and report that your card may have been compromised.

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